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Five truths that prove why Digital Marketing is necessary for every entrepreneur!

Smartphones & other mobile/electronic devices that connect us with the Digital world has become an integral part of our life today. At the first break of sunlight, our eyes and senses head for the smartphone, even before thinking about the ritualistic morning coffee!

Recent studies highlight that as of Jan 2020, almost 4.5 billion worldwide internet users have made social media an integral part of their lives. Back in 2019, active internet users were around 2.19 billion. Exponential growth will happen over the years, and Proactive business organizations need to connect with their customers via social media. It is the age of E-Marketing.

Our life has transformed digitally today. People start their day with a series of actions like Check FB feeds, Tweet, Google search for service, offers, or information, Share a video that inspires others, etc.

This is the hidden truth of how the Digital media has influenced our life!

Why you need to jumpstart into the new age style of Marketing for your business:

• Supports your Business goals

• Leverages your Lead Conversions

• Increases your Loyal Customer Base

Truth No 1: Scale up the Brand Awareness

Great digital marketing strategies consist of the usage of various social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Telegram. TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram. Through them, your product or service can be introduced to the world in the form of images, articles, blogs, gifs, videos, slideshows, podcasts, etc.

In the past, every business grew through a reliable word of mouth. Today, the internet facilitates the ‘E-Word of Mouth’. Hence, that builds brand awareness to x times compared to conventional newspapers, TV ads, magazines, hoardings, etc. That’s because while the newspaper or TV channels are restricted to the area or people who have subscribed to it, social media can make its way into so many feeds within a matter of minutes.

Truth No 2: Budget-Friendly & Customizable Marketing Calendar

Every company, startup, or even service organization will have a budget set apart for marketing their product or service.

Now, as per your budget, digital marketing experts will carve out a plan to increase your brand awareness. Plus, this can be customized as per your needs. If you have an offer, just send the idea and budget across to the digital campaign team. The rest is all about creative marketing via various digital platforms.

Truth No 3: Balanced ROI

Digital marketing does not incur huge expenses and but ensures adequate results, which means a balanced Return on Investment.

Forget the hustle-bustle days of newspaper ads, hoardings, flyers, etc. Digitally, arrange campaigns, generate leads, secure conversions, and thereby compensate for the designing, coding, and content marketing costs. With a planned and continual service from your digital marketing expert, the ROI factor will be under control.

Truth No 4: Global Marketplace & better Customer Engagement

By using various content optimization tools like SEO, SMM, SEM, the content reaches the target audience seamlessly. The right digital strategy can reach out to customers 24/7 for 365 days.

It's similar to the magic used by world leading E-Commerce businesses. A simple broker who stands between the seller and buyer, but over time they have been able to reach all corners of the world with the power of digital marketing! Without such digital awareness and the heavy usage of smart-devices, how would anyone know about such a service today? You can also create a global marketplace in no time with guidance from a reliable digital marketing expert.

Truth No 5: Up to Date track record

With tools like Google Analytics and other conversion metrics, you can know factors like which post is gaining notice, which platform works best for the company, and how to reach the target audience easily.

The beauty of digital marketing is that it gives you micro-details such as what people are searching for, trending keywords, viral topics, and also continual updates from Search Engines, helping the marketing strategist to fine-tune the marketing campaign.

It analyses and shows what digital formula would work for businesses, which ensures lesser chances for error or wastage of money.

A final thought to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow:

Irrespective of how big or small your business is, it needs a strong digital presence. To be an entrepreneur, ittakes a lot of energy, will power and knowledge, and hats off to all those who strive to make your professional imprint in this world.

If you have a physical store, startup, small scale business, home-based business, or an online store – Digital Marketing will help you stay ahead of the competition. And with Digital Marktng experts to help you, it will never disappoint you!

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